Make healthier pizza recipes for healthy school lunches

First Lady Michelle Obama's HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC) gets both cheers and boos. But when critics decided Mrs. Obama's healthy school lunches initiative targeted pizza, they went ballistic, reported Bloomberg March 3. Pizza lobbyists (that's a thing) put out a call to arms: protect pizza from First Lady bullying! Defend the American child's right to eat junk!

Neither HUSSC, nor Mrs. Obama targeted pizza. But it scared pizza vendors to the bottom dollar that their school cash cow might axed. Competitive vendors agreed on one thing: the pizza (and profits) must be saved.  But pizza lovers can still have their pizza and eat it too with these healthier pizza recipes. Schools can still serve pizza if they will just make a few tweaks. Here's how. (and shame on you, Big Pizza, for attacking Mrs. Obama for trying to get kids healthier.). Michelle Obama HUSSC healthy school lunches target pizza: Pizza lobbyists unite |