Manage depression with natural mood lifters to beat the blues

Spring is here, so say birds, flowers, sunshine. Yet you sit depressed, wondering what all the fuss is about. Depression is no joke. It can have disastrous effects on physical as well as mental health. Live Science says a new study says depression is linked to Parkinson's Disease. Clinically depressed people are 60 percent more likely to develop Parkinson's disease later.

Scary stuff. But so are antidepressants. In this picture left, I was taking Paxil for PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks. It made me lose a stillborn baby. The depression didn't get better. My depression lifted when I got off the antidepressant and it naturally. If you can't see the light for the clouds, try this A-Z list of natural mood lifters to beat the blues.  I forgot to add one mood lifter, St. John's Wort-safe, natural, herbal. Depression linked to Parkinson's disease: Natural mood lifters to beat the blues - Grand Rapids News |