Got Bees? Let Pest Control Deal with Yellow Jackets, Wasps

Late August and early September is bee season. My husband has been painting our house and noticed bees coming from a corner of an upstairs window where the wood is weathered. My husband isn't on good terms with vectors, particularly stinging insects.

Now Alb is a great diy-er. Here's what he's done with the house.

But bees (and snakes) are his Waterloo. Despite feeling a little wimpy, he asked me to call pest control to have them deal with the winged varmints. He got some ribbing at work, too, for paying for so "little" a job. Several people (you know those unasked-for advice-giver type) pooh-poohed, saying he should have just sprayed the house himself.   Got Bees? Let Pest Control Deal with Yellow Jackets