Activities for Bored, Snowbound Kids: Winter Games Festival

As a Michigan mom of four and former homeschooler, I know firsthand how winter doldrums affect kids. We kept our children busy outdoors as much as possible. But there were still periods when it was too cold or unsafe to play outside. Cooped up kids get cranky and quarrelsome. Here are winter fun activities to warm their spirits. Host a winter fest. Bundle kids up warm and try these fun games.

* Build a snow maze: Kids shouldn't play inside snow forts. Nifty and creative as they are, snow tunnels are fragile and dangerous. But kids can create open air mazes, trenches and structures to play in. Distribute shovels, sand toys and snow brick makers. Or make homemade pails and scoops from recycled milk jugs. Cut around jug handle to make a trowel or shovel and use base for making bricks. Kids can shovel paths, make a walk-through maze or cut walled castles and forts (just make sure nothing is covered).  Activities for Bored, Snowbound Kids: Winter Games Festival